iTunes Download Stats

Recently I’ve been building out my iPhone App server to provide a business dashboard with all the relevant services and numbers that I care about available at a glance. It avoids me having to sign in and out of many different sites to get the information and makes it easier to push things together – for example charting both Admob and iAd data on the same graph.

Thankfully the web is becoming more programmable every week and these things are becoming easier to put together quickly.

This is a chart I built last night to display the downloads and updates across all my apps for the past 31 days:

You can see the jumps in downloads that correspond to when I released updates to iTunes.

With these sorts of things I’m finding that there is a tipping point. If the custom page I have created is only 90% as good as going to the original source then I’ll just opt to login there but once it becomes as good as or better than that you’ll quickly forget about the 10 different logins you needed to get all those numbers.

Being in charge of it is even better. I use iAd and Admob for advertising and can pull those numbers in and compare them appropriately. On the same page I display data from Apple, Google, Linkshare, as well as numbers I collect myself such as traffic, link clicks and ad impressions. I only have to login to iTunes Connect to release new Apps.

I will continue open sourcing the components for this system over the next few weeks.