Life to Old Projects

Maintenance.  UGH!

We live in a world where software is part of an every evolving ecosystem of other software.  Everything is constantly changing and everything you do needs to keep up or risk falling into disrepair and creating technical debt.

The maintenance window is a chance to breath fresh life into an otherwise languishing project.

A little over a year ago I released FreeSlots, a slot machine game for iPhone. It’s a pretty good game, and I’m still happy with the design although I was cut short on developing it fully. The time has come to refresh it for the upcoming iOS 8 release and that has given me the chance to revisit the code and find some other opportunities to make it  better.

My original plan was to use FreeSlots as a platform to test some bleeding edge features, and then fork the project into a new game that is better branded, and takes the best lessons I learn from doing FreeSlots, while also spinning off some of the services I create for it so others can take advantage of it.

It seems that strategy is still a good one.

So this maintenance tune up, has fired me up to develop some newer, bigger, better things.  YAH for maintenance!