Lifestyle Design

There is a great post about lifestyle design posted on zen habits today and it reminded me of Tim Ferriss’ book 4 hour workweek. Tim is a proponent of making a conscious effort to design your life to be the way you want it, then finding ways to make it happen.

Zen Habits puts it this way:

What would you be doing tomorrow if you retired today?

Let’s say you had a blank day staring at you. You didn’t have to
work. You could do anything at all (although money is still a limiting
factor). What would your perfect day be like?

These questions are more than just hypothetical questions to ask for fun or idleness. It’s an exercise meant to get you thinking about designing your life.

Lately I’ve been passionate about one thing. Online marketing. I find it amazing that it’s possible to reach out and have so many people reading what I decide to publish. Trying to stay up on the latest technology changes, and the way that people react to what’s in front of them is amazing to see and fun to predict.

If I were to plan out my ideal day it would be a lot of productive work. My best days are the ones where I learn something new that I can share. So I’d probably want to spend my ideal day with a balance of reading and learning new things mixed with trying them out and seeing the results.

Of course if I were to really design it. I’d be doing that on a beach somewhere warm with a freshly mixed mojito on a nice laptop laying back in a comfortable beach chair.

Thinking about lifestyle design is really a good way to give yourself a goal, and perhaps realize if you’re in a rut. It’s definitely a worthwhile exercise.  Have you ever seriously tried to orchestrate your life rather than let it flow? Leave a comment.

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