Linux Robots

A new site: has the neat idea of having a robot that can be controlled and even programed from the web. Simply ssh into the robot and modify or add to the software, recompile and watch how the robot behaves by following the webcam on the website.

The robot is powered by a striped down Gentoo installation running on a mini-itx VIA mainboard. It has 2 independant motors, 1 distance sensor, 4 light sensors, and a webcam.

Those interested in programming a robot are invited to read the documentation on the site, ssh in to the robot and use the local editors and compiler to develop programs for the robot to execute.

The site owner, and robot builder Michael Shiloh will be continually improving the robot and adding new features. As the robot evolves so to will the software written for it. I think it’s safe to say that he’ll attract a good collection of developers interested in making his robot to fun and exciting things.