Mac Mini – Media?

Mac MiniThinksecret, the guys who are almost always right about these “rumors”, have a story detailing the soon to be new Mac Mini. Apparently sources within Apple have confirmed that the new Mac Mini will vault the tiny computer into the living room with its new DVR functionality and Front Row 2.0 support.

This new machine may represent the latest serious step by Apple into the wide world of Media. With its still recent launch of a Video vending branch of the Itunes store and the Video Ipod, the Mac Mini with DVR support and a built in Ipod dock is just an elementary deduction.

With this elegant little piece of Hardware, Apple will not only move to directly Spar with TiVo, it furthers the convenient support of its latest revolutionary Ipod. Furthermore, if this holds true, this New Mac Mini will place the Video vending Itunes store into a convenient little space beside your Television. The walk to the remote for a $1.99 US certainly beats the drive to Blockbuster, even if you won’t get a late charge.

One has to wonder. Would Apple dare let it’s DVR capable Mac Mini load these recordings onto its Video capable ipod? One can only wonder… until January that is, when this will either become fact or fiction.

Click Here for the all the details via ThinkSecret