NASA Announces 2 New Centennial Challenges

NASAToday NASA Announced the formation of 2 new Centennial Challenges. Each of these new competitions boasts a hefty $250,000 US first place prize and has an intense focus in robotics.

The first of the new competitions, The Telerobotic Construction Challenge, challenges teams to construct a robot to build complex structures. While the focus of the developed robot should be autonomy, some human input and direction is permitted unlike previously announced Challenges such as the Lunar Regolith Challenge.

The second of the newly announced challenges, dubbed the Planetary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Challenge requires a team to construct an autonomous aerial vehicle which can navigate a tricky flight path.

HalOtis, a robotics development group closely related with this site is currently considering whether to extend its competitive program to involve development projects which could produce robots to compete in these newly announced Challenges. If you have an interest in participating in such a project by all means, contact the HalOtis Group. HalOtis has already announced an intention to compete in the Lunar Regolith Challenge, with detailed design information on their competition machine to be released in the coming weeks.

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