New Macs: Buy now?

I’m in the market for a new computer, and my eye is on the new iMac. In fact I’m not even considering a non-apple product.

I love computers. I’m a full time programmer during the day, and then after work I spend a serious amount of time working on various online projects. In my years I’ve exposed myself to many different operating systems. I’ve used Linux extensively as my primary operating system for several years and loved it. At work I use a variety of Windows versions to great distress. I’ve worked on some really old and new versions of various Unixes over the years. All these have given me the perspective of where the strengths and weaknesses are in various operating systems.

After recently given the chance to use a OS X machine I was amazed! It has all things that I loved about the various flavors of unix but it’s easy to use, works great, has good hardware support, and looks good.

So with the new iMacs released yesterday is it a good time to buy? Yes! I’m ordering mine as soon as I can scrape together $1500.

In the meantime, my Windows machine at home is chugging along. (barely at times)