Nokia to Launch MMOG action game

Nokia GameAfter declaring the N-gage a complete failure it had appeared that mobile phone giant Nokia had been set to retire from the game development Arena and lick its wounds. Not so. Gameshout reports that Nokia has announced a Space Alliance MMOG action Game.

The company announced earlier today that “hundreds of thousands of players can expect to be able to connect through “Space Alliance,” a massively multi-player online game (MMOG) available on selected Java technology-enabled mobile phones through the Nokia SNAP Mobile service”.

This move may signal a shift in Nokia’s attempts to enter the gaming industry. Perhaps instead of developing a dedicated mobile platform, Nokia will move to support already well developed games within the versatile java environment on their phones. It’s little secret that Nokia’s simple Java based cellular phone games are already among the best of their type. I for one can always rely on a game of Triple Pop to pass the time on a bus ride.

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