One example why I love Linux

Today I wanted to get my desktop set up for doing some python programming. The process couldn’t have been easier and was way better than anything possible on Windows.

On Ubuntu, I opened the package manager and did a search for python. went down through the list that it brought up to find a good IDE to develop in. I found the python plugin for eclipse listed.

That was it. I checked it to be installed and it automatically selected all the requirements. Press install, and it started to download all 42 required packages. No hunting around.

So I didn’t have to go to to get the python runtime or development libraries, or to download eclipse, then use Google to find the python plugin for eclipse and figure out how to install that.

It might take a full day to set up a development environment for python on a windows box. I did it with 1 click, and 5 minutes of download time.

Package management used to be the worst part about linux. In the old days you’d have to use a site like to search for each package you’d need, then try to install it only to find that you needed more packages. Before that it was even worse, you’d have to download and compile the source, which would break and you’d have to search through the error messages and then find another thing that provides the particular file it was missing.

These days installing software on Linux is a dream.