One of My Favorite Internet Marketers

This guy has made a huge impact on my life about 5 years ago. Eben Pagan is an internet marketer like none other. He has built a $20 million empire selling information products. The most high profile of which is the “Double your Dating” brand where he operates under the pen name David DeAngelo.

I learned about the Double your Dating program before I was really into the internet marketing stuff. I’ll admit that his program sucked me in as a university student and it was probably the first thing I had ever bought online.

David DeAngelo introduced me to many new concepts in the series of products that I bought from him. His depth and breadth of knowledge about, not only dating, but also psychology, health, and some more esoteric things like hypnosis, and NLP had me hooked to learn more from this guy.

Recently he’s started to open up into the world of Internet Marketing. And will soon be launching a new program called the Guru Mastermind.

I highly recommend that you sign up for the email list, and watch some of the videos that he’s doing to promote his new program. Check out the always interesting and always well dressed Eben Pagan at Guru Mastermind