Outsourcing work

Lack of time has become my biggest issue.

A full work day followed by working on several other projects at once including (currently) two iOS games, two web apps, a couple of blogs, an entry for the MintChip Challenge, starting a garden, and training for a half-marathon. It’s no surprise that I have little time to relax and that progress is slow on all my projects.

Perhaps the most important wall to climb over to take my ambitions to the next level is to outsource and hire people to take on some of the work so that I can focus on just the things I can make a difference with. That’s easier said than done.

One of the major reasons why small businesses fail is that they are started by technicians who become disillusioned day in and day out watching other people make “bad decisions” and they decide they can do a better job on their own. The problem arises when they realize all the other things that they never had to deal with which suck up time. Things like accounting, marketing, networking, sales, websites, legal consultation etc. Without the experience to hire and fire people for these roles it’s easy to find yourself in that “bad boss” situation. A good technical person is rarely good at all the skills necessary for success.

Having spent a few years trying to grow a business organically and doing everything myself I have learned a lot about a lot of different things, but growth has been slow. Too slow.

So I’m preparing to take the plunge to look for opportunities to hire and outsource work. It’s a scary prospect for me to give up some control of the quality of my work. But hopefully it will pay off with big rewards, and more time to relax.