WiMax An Article by NewsFactor Magazine gives a very interesting look at the benefits that WiMax not only to gives to Service Providers, but also to us, the users. This article details everything from the precieved costs of setup and subscription to the enhancements over the current wireless stategies that cripple many of us with unreliable signals or pathetic transfer rates.

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Artist's depiction of Hayabusa's touch DownOnce Again the Japanese Space Probe Hayabusa has made the news and once again it is because the probe has developed another problem. Reuters, along with every other news organization on the planet has reported that Hayabusa’s return journey to Earth may be very much in doubt. Soon after lifting off from the asteroid on which it had “collected” material, Hayabusa developed a leak in one of its thrusters and as a result began to shake uncontrollably. Communication with the Probe was also briefly lost.
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Robotic Teacher Tired of your teacher droning on? Tired of your teacher droning on? Class lectures boring? Well a solution is being assembled, literally. Students at the Northwest Technical Institute have constructed a Robot they hope is intelligent enough to instruct future classes.

“In addition to teaching future electronics classes, the robot will have duties at planned workshops this summer for children to learn robotics. Although no dates have been set, Graham said the camps would likely be one week long with opportunities for children ages 10-13 to learn about and build their own robots.”
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RIA Vovosti “A project for a flight around the Moon really exists and we are currently studying it,” said Alexei Krasnov, the head of the agency’s department of piloted programs. “This flight may cost some $100 million for a tourist.”
An 8 to 10 day trip involving a stop at the ISS. The trip will rendevous with a booster that can drive the Soyuz capsule to the Moon and back. One loop of the moon and it’s back to planet Earth. A memorable trip to be sure.

An Ipod Tooting Patron in a Wire BarCNN is reporting that a new Ipod birthed craze has begun to sweep across the nightlife scene. The concept is a “Wired Bar”. Essentially patrons can bring their favorite tracks along on their favorite portable media device (an ipod) and then can plug into the bar and share their tastes. The service, offered free at a growing number of establishments seems to be replacing the traditional Jukebox, not to mention the traditional DJ.

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One of the perhaps unthought of repercussions of Google Video is that people will want to find a use for their webcams. The result is video any normal person would want to delete and burn almost immediately. But somehow it’s entertaining to watch, if not disturbing that people dance and sing for their computers, then distribute it to the world.

Who am I kidding… I need a video camera.

Chinese Astonauts
The Washington Post is reporting that China has announced official plans to place a man on the moon within the next 15 years. If this holds to be true, the moon could once again fire up perhaps the greatest spending spree every seen: A second space race.

While the previous space race helped to bankrupt the Soveit Union, the Soviet Union did not have the incredible Wealth of China. Then again, the United States didn’t borrow much of its wartime funding from the Soviet Union either.

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