Google reports that in its latest bid of expansionism, Google has opted to help ease the pain of boredom at the world’s busiest international airport, Heathrow. This is undoubtedly heralded among the “bad-luck” travelers of the world who will undoubtedly face delays and cancellations as winter begins to take hold in the Northern Hemisphere and the Holiday Travel season begins to gear up.

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Hayabusa: Japanese Asteroid Probing Explorer On its second Attempt to Land the Japanese Space Probe Hayabusa has finally met with success. On a mission plagued with problems the probe touched down on the uncertain surface of the asterord Itokawa and presumably collected an unknown amount of material. Unlike other bodies in the Solar system, asteroids are believed to have remained largely unchanged since their formation during the creation of Solar System. Whether this mission will be remembered as a Hallmark Success for the Japanese or another expensive mishap won’t be determined until the probe returns to earth sometime in 2007.

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It’s great to see the Japanese finally got something right on this one. But in my opinion if there was something to take away from this it’s that the Japanese not only build very resilient probes, but they’re the world’s best space Troubleshooters.

But now that the problem plagued probe is on its way home, I’m sure it’s all fixed. Nothing else could possibly go wrong.

Does anyone remember the movie The Andromeda Strain?

Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman

Everyone’s Favorite Science Flavored TV personalities, The MythBusters have given into the enormous pressure of their relentless fans. A collection of hilarious “Lost” Experiments, the tidbits that never made it to air, have been recently posted on the show’s fan website. The site hosted by the Discovery Channel Requires Macromedia Flash player.

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