Passion for Productivity

Personal passion is an undervalued driver of productivity. Experience has taught me that when you work on something that you are passionate about it becomes easier to focus, you care more about the quality and are less distracted.

If you can find your passion, it means you will never have a job – Richard Branson

When someone is extremely passionate it becomes possible to do 60-80-100 hours a week and not feel drained of energy. It is a powerful motivator and one which many businesses could stoke.  Although getting more overtime hours out of your employees isn’t a goal we should strive for.  Passion can overcome the draw of Facebook or milling about at the water cooler.  This can produce substantial gains.

The six-hour-work day increases productivity

Sweden is proof that there is still much productivity to be gained from the hours we do put into work.  Working fewer hours per day can help many people maintain the energy they need to stay focused and committed. The math of productivity is not simply about working harder and longer.  Finding other ways to drive energy such as cultivating passion in yourself and your employees can have a similar effect.  Getting stuck in a perpetual mid-afternoon slump is something that everyone should avoid.