Poking the Box

Just a couple of weeks ago I bought Seth Godin’s latest book “Poke The Box” for my Kindle.  It’s a really short book and took just an hour or two to get through but it was a great motivator.  Definitely the kind of book that I could read once or twice a year as a reminder to keep on getting stuff started.

The main premise of the book is that to be successful as an entrepreneur, or in any job really, is to continually just do stuff.  Get things started, put ideas out there and take the risks of failure head on.

I think though the big take away for me was the reframing of the word “start”.  The way Seth Godin puts it you haven’t really started anything until you have made it available in the market place for sale.  Until what you have built is available for people to buy what you have is just a hobby.

Once you do have something available in the marketplace is really when you can start with everything that really matters in business.  You can start testing things:

  • offers
  • price points
  • copywriting

Until you have started selling what you have, you really haven’t started anything.

The other big idea that Seth talks about in the book is the nature of most big business to become a factory like machine with little freedom to find better ways to do things, or to find and develop new areas for the business to be in.  Many businesses out there keep their employees restricted to doing their job and nothing more than what is asked of them.  Anything that may shake things up is discouraged.  Businesses that follow this pattern are doomed to be second-tier to the ones that are continually taking risks and developing fresh ideas.

Anyway it was a great read and I recommend checking it out on amazon.com.

Poke the Box By Seth Godin (amazon aff. link)