Power of Social Networks

Social NetworkIn my attempt at getting a business running online last month I relied solely on paid traffic by buying Google Adwords. There’s probably a lot I have to learn about buying traffic with PPC (Pay Per Click) systems. The biggest thing that I learned about AdWords was that it’s expensive.

Perhaps it was the words I was bidding on but even with the long tail keywords the cost was still typically in the 30 cents per visitor range. That may not seem like much but considering that a relatively successful blog will get about 1000 visitors per day. It would add up pretty quickly to get any meaningful amount of traffic.

Enter the Social Networks. Social Networking sites are places where people congregate. Here’s a list of some of the major ones:

Having a site that gets picked up by one of these sites will bring loads of traffic; and it’s all for free. I’d appreciate it if you’d help spread the work about this blog by clicking the links on the right hand section called Social Networks.

Being part of some of these sites is an excellent way to expose yourself to new ideas and the latest news and gossip. They’ll connect you to people with similar ambitions, and you can make new friends around the world. So consider creating an account at these sites.

Leave some comments. What’s your favorite Social Networking site and why?