Project Mu

In a one night spark of interest I thought I’d write a webframework that deploys to Amazon Lambda and API Gateway.

A web framework that deploys to a serverless environment is kind of an interesting idea.  Costs scale directly with the users and limit the base costs in some cases all the way to $0.

Now that Amazon Lambda supports Python I thought it was worth trying to make something that allows you to manage a larger project in a way that is familiar to most web application developers.

To start with I based the framework on the awesome Falcon web framework because it is 1. high performance 2. API focused and 3. very easy to understand.

What makes this framework unique is that deployment needs to be baked in.  The framework needs to understand how the APIs are built in order to chop them up into stand alone functions and upload them to Amazon.

The net result is an easy to use framework for developing APIs that can deploy directly to a scalable platform.

It’s still early alpha stages but I’m hopeful that this or something like it will catch on in the future.  For those interested, you can follow the development on github.