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Hi, welcome to this site where you'll find a list of links I have compiled over years about programming in Python. I come back from time to time to check the links on the page and use it as a personal resource. Please let me know about any dead links and help keep this as a valuable resource for everyone.

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This list is maintained by Matt Warren. It is a collection of links that has grown over the years and has recently been shared here as a resource for others to find and use. Matt is passionate about having fun while programming and Python is a language that makes that programming fun again. Matt Warren is based in Vancouver, Canada. and blogs regularly at about business and python.


Recommended Python Editor

Textmate is a text editor for the Mac that is wonderful to develop on. It isn't free, but the extensibilty and integration with the shell make it imensely powerful.

PyDev is a full IDE add-in for the Eclipse platform. It provided integrated debugging, both python and jython support, code completion syntax highlighting, code folding and refactoring.

Recommended Reading

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