Quality vs Quantity

For a long time I was firmly on the side of quantity when it came to business products.  Get as much stuff out there as quickly as possible to test different ideas and markets.  The more stuff I could get out there the less risk there was that I would be devastated if one of them didn’t work out.

But it doesn’t work.  Most people are pretty good at identifying cheap crappy products and they won’t buy them no matter how inexpensive they are.  If products are below a certain quality threshold they simply don’t sell, and the market testing will produce no results.

Since the beginning of this year I have changed my goals.  The focus has changed to creating only great products.  As good as I can possibly make them.  And it has completely changed the way I feel about my business.

Until I have the financial security to run my business the way Apple Inc. does where they only take on new products if they know for sure that they can do it significantly better than anyone else.  I will instead be focusing on releasing products that are as good as I can possibly accomplish and learning how to do them better each time around.  Building just a handful of the best programs I can craft, and putting significant effort into those final touches that take the most time.

The end result is a product that I will feel good about, that others will enjoy, and that I can proudly put my name and reputation on.

I’m looking forward to getting one new App published before the end of the year.  It will either be great, or it won’t be released.