R2-D2 Comes Home

R2-D2 Voice Activated Astro Mech Mobile Mag has posted an article regarding the availability of everyone’s favourite whistling and clicking robot, R2D2.

Though the Buzz of the latest Star Wars movie has faded to DVD Release, Hammacher Schlemmer have created a Voice Activated, soon to be marketed, not quite Life-size R2D2.

Though Luke Skywalker’s trusty AstroMech friend won’t be available for this Christmas toy shopping season (scheduled for release in June 2006) the little Robot that could do anything promises to be a sure pleaser for Star Wars fans and Collectors of all ages.

The Prototype is apparently so “life like” (read as: movie like) that you may be forced to open the robot up just to make sure you haven’t bought a shiny R2D2 case with an imprisoned button pressing, string pulling “little person” inside.

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