Read this free Book

Earlier this week I downloaded a free kindle book. If you don’t have a kindle, install the desktop application or phone app. This is a book that everyone should read. It’s short – you can probably read the whole thing in less than 1 hour.

It’s called Do The Work by Steven Pressfield. Author of The War Of Art.

The book is for any artist, entrepreneur or anyone with a project to get through. It’s a kick in the ass to help you push through the enviable resistance you will encounter and how to find the support you need to finish.

In this day and age It’s easy to relax. We have machines that do all of the tedious work. Things like Roombas, dishwashers and wrinkle resistant clothes remove a lot of what used to take up the majority of people’s day. With all the free time that having those gadgets should give us most of it gets squandered with hours of TV watching.

Start something if you haven’t already. Use the tips in this book to actually finish it.

Get it free on -> Do The Work by Steven Pressfield