Reading Week

Tomorrow I head to Cancun for a corporate retreat and will be taking advantage of the time away from my usual evening commitments (family) to catch up on my backlog of books.

What I’m primarily interested in right now is getting a better grasp of machine learning concepts.


I’m happy that Python has really become the go to language for doing machine learning. It’s one less thing to worry about having to learn myself when trying to really get a grasp of the concepts and putting it into practice.

There seems to be a huge boom in the demand for developers with the skills to develop machine learning algorithms. The recent Google IO keynote was notable in that the CEO talked of nothing other than Machine Learning and AI being the focus for Google in the coming years. It’s expected that by 2018 demand for experts in statistics and machine learning will exceed demand by at least 140,000. As a result people with the skills will have their choice of amazing opportunities.