Reliable Python Hosting

urlI have been writing a lot of python code to do automated tasks for me. Several times a day I have scripts that are getting data from different sources and pushing out data to different sites that I maintain. Reliable Python hosting is important for my success in my online businesses.

Up until now I have been hosting all these python scripts off of my Macbook which is now becoming a problem. I can’t actually use my Macbook as a notebook because it has to always be turned on and connected to the internet in order for my scripts to run. As a result it’s tied to the wall pretty much 24/7.

So I started looking for a python web hosting service that would allow me to write python scripts and have the uptime I need to ensure they’re running on time without requiring me to keep my computers turned on.

I asked some of the Python developers I know what they use and it seems that just about everyone uses either Google App Engine or WebFaction for their hosting needs.

My experience with App Engine was a bit troubling. It has enough quirks that it can be tedious to find workarounds for code which works perfectly on my computer. In addition it has timeouts that limit long running python processes.

That’s why I created an account at WebFaction. Now I can ssh into my hosting account, install the programs and libraries I need and schedule everything to work for me. It gives me the option of creating a more standard web interface to my data in the future as opposed to the mish mash of scripts I probably would have developed for my local machine.

I suspect that over the next month WebFaction will prove to be a real lifesaver as I migrate my python scripts to be hosted there. And will give me back the mobility I need in my laptop.

The price is right too. Starting at just $5.50/month for the hosting it is an easy decision to make.

If you’re looking for a place to reliably host your python code consider signing up right now for WebFaction and take advantage of their 60 day guarantee to see if it will work for you.