Robotic Mine Sweeper

A conventional landmineA team of 4 innovative students from Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have come up with what may be a ground breaking solution to a problem plaguing nations recovering from war. Nations such as Angola and Cambodia struggle to recover while they continue to be devastated by landmines laid and forgotten during past wars.

The “Robo Cricket”, a uniquely designed six-legged robot loaded with various sensors is intended to be used as a mobile landmine recon vehicle. This robot removes the need for the direct endangerment of human life in the detection of landmines thereby making the process of disarmament exponentially safer. The team endeavours for the Robo Cricket to be easily deployable and very capable in navigating complex terrain while also being inexpensive.

The unique configuration of the six-legged design seems to lend the robot to greater stability while also offering it greater versatility in movement. If this team can develop the robot they describe in a cost effective manner, this may be just the tool that such impoverished and devastated countries need to finally remove the fear in taking that next step.

Updates on this story will appear as the team’s project progresses.

Click Here to see the RoboCricket Team’s Website

Click here to view their Build Report (PDF reader required)