Space: Anyone’s Playground

Burt Rutan: White Knight & SpaceShip One has a story on Burt Rutan and his vision of Opening Space up to everyone. While Burt Rutan has been a familiar name to most engineers and aerospace enthusiasts for a long time, his name achieved household status after his team, Mojave Aerospace Ventures won the coveted X-Prize.

In this Article Burt talks about what he is taking into account in the design of his commercial passenger carrying Space Vehicle. Burt also makes his distaste for NASA’s bureaucracy and design choices rather evident.

While space travel for everyone has been talked about, written about, and dreamt about even since Yuri Gagarin first proved it possible, there has been little advancement in the field. With Burt Rutan’s proven ability and his more than apparent motivation, safe and affordable space travel for everyone is in for a huge breakthrough.

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