Speed of Implementation

I was unable to find the source of this research study that was apparently done for the Harvard Business Review, but nonetheless I believe it to be true.  The study was looking to find the most important factor in determining a person’s or business’s success and found that above all else – leadership, vision, organization, systems – the key was what they called ‘speed of implementation

Speed of implementation refers to the time between hearing of an idea and the execution of that idea.  The most successful companies are the ones that can hear an idea like a new marketing method, or a product feature and can have that implemented and out quicker than competitors.

There are very few people that I have met with this personality trait.  People that just get things done – quickly.  The vast majority of people go home after work and veg on the couch.  However that gives you an edge.  By developing this one trait, you’ll be vastly more successful than most people.

The question then is how do you become someone that has a fast speed of implementation?

I think there are 3 key aspects to develop your speed of implementation.

  1. removing distractions – turning off or moving the TV, turning off instant messages, emails etc when you’re at the computer.  Give yourself the time to focus and really get deep into just one thing at a time when you need to work.
  2. finding the best tools – Good tools make doing something easier and faster.  If there’s a tool out there that can automate your work, get it.  if there’s something that makes it easier and faster get it.
  3. Have people that can do things for you – When someone tells you a great tax tip and you don’t have an accountant to call to use it then it is worthless.  If you are away from work and hear a great new product idea, or marketing strategy having someone to call immediately to start work on it can be the difference between massive success and the status quo.

There you go, three quick tips to make you think.  Of course if you’re the type of person with a speed of implementation near zero you’ll never do any of these things.