Steady Progress on AutoBlogger

Progress on my Auto Blogging Django Application has been going surprisingly swiftly.  I have added support for a number of different content sources and have been able to launch the application to my server, scheduled the cron jobs and it is currently running in test mode for 1 blog.  I will be quickly expanding to 100 blogs powered by this software by the end of the month.

It’s not quite ready to demo and show off to anyone – the code and UI is fairly ugly.  I’m actually surprised it works at this early stage of development.  But that is proving to be a great asset since an early release allows me to start testing the application in a production environment and ensure that everything is working.

I have developed a short business plan around this application to scale it up to 1000 blogs by spring 2011.  At which point I hope it will be polished enough to release as a service to other users.  Development will occur in 4 phases with a launch expected in Q2 2011:

  1. develop the basic system, and scale up to 100 test blogs by Nov 1st
  2. test various monetization strategies and linking strategies until the end of the year
  3. develop additional automation tools and scale the test to 1000 sites by Feb 2011
  4. bring on some beta testers in Q1 2011
  5. Launch to the public in Q2 2011

At some point when the complexity grows I may try to bring on another python/django developer to help offload some of the work required and perhaps speed up the development of this.

In the short term however, I’m going to be focused on creating new blogs and configuring them in the application.  If every blog takes 10 minutes to set up, then even at 5 per night it will take almost 3 weeks to reach my 100 blog goal.  Unfortunately it is tedious work that needs to be done.  Future versions of the software will try to make this whole process easy to outsource.

I am still extremely excited to see how well this performs in the real world.