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neverblue In the last few months I have been making extremely good money from promoting CPA offers from Neverblue and so I thought it would be worthwile writing a quick script to keep me from having to log into the site to check my statistics.

Neverblue has a feature called the Global Postback URL which they will ping every time a conversion is made and provide you with some details about the action. The most straight forward thing that I wanted to do was to convert that ping into an email. This works great for me since I’m only promoting the lower volume high profit items right now so I won’t get blasted with 100s of emails every day (I wish I had that problem).

Basically it’s a very simple PHP script that I put on my website. Here’s the neverblueemailer.php PHP script:

< ?php
$message = "Neverblue CPA Action Notification\n\n";
$message = $message. "affiliate_id:  " . $_GET["af"] . "\n";
$message = $message . "site_id:  " . $_GET["site"] . "\n";
$message = $message . "campaign_id:  " . $_GET["c"] . "\n";
$message = $message . "action_id:  " . $_GET["ac"] . "\n";
$message = $message . "subid:  " . $_GET["s"] . "\n";
$message = $message . "unique_conversion_id:  " . $_GET["u"] . "\n";
echo $message;
$to = 'me@example.com';
$subject = 'Neverblue CPA Action Notification';
$headers = "From: me@example.com\r\nReply-To: me@example.com";
$mail_sent = @mail( $to, $subject, $message, $headers );
echo $mail_sent ? "Mail sent" : "Mail failed";

You just need to edit your email information.

With that file uploaded to your website you can then hook it up to neverblue. Simply login to your account and put the URL in the Tools -> Global Postback URL -> Enter Your Non Site Specific Global Postback URL section. Then click Save Changes.


The URL you need is going to be something like this:


That’s it. Test it yourself by visiting the URL in your browser. You should immediately get an email in your inbox.

I cannot recommend neverblue enough. They have quickly become my biggest source of online revenue. It’s worth signing up for to give CPA a try.

johnchow-photoThe other night I attended a Meetup where John Chow was speaking to a room of about 35 people.  If you’re not familiar with John Chow, he runs a blog – johnchow.com that makes $40,000+/month. This year he’s expecting to make $500,000 just from his blog.  His talk was amazingly inspirational in that it became painfully obvious that the work involved is pretty trivial.  John only works 2 hours a day on the blog.

He walked us through the back-end of his business model which is where he makes 2/3rds of his profit.  It is a system that I’ve had in place for a few of my websites but never really paid much attention to really tweaking it out.  I think that with just a bit of consistent work I could duplicate some of John’s success with my blogs.  Basically John has none of his own products so everything is affiliate and joint venture deals and, surprisingly, 70% of the income is not coming from the blog but from his email list.

His number one goal for his site is to capture the email address of the visitor so that he can keep in contact with them and build a relationship.  Then he just gives out a couple of his recommendations and he makes lots of money.  His number one recommendation for us was to focus on building the list and then then push people through a sales funnel to get some conversions.

John uses and recommended everyone that wants to make money online get an account with the best email auto responder service out there – AWeber.  The truth is that sending lots of email is a very difficult technical problem it’s much better to start with the correct service than try to move over your email list once you have it.  Both John and I agree that AWeber is by far the best email service out there.

Trying to save a couple of bucks early on by collecting emails and sending them yourself is a big mistake.  John used a different email service while he grew his list to 25000 then he discovered that only 70% were getting through the spam filters.  That’s a lot of money he’s missing out on!  So he decided to move the list over to aweber and he ended up losing 80% of his subscribers in the process…  By CANSPAM law you can’t move your email list without opting everyone into the list again.  That was a huge setback for John so he recommends that you start with the best.  It is probably the most cost effective tool you can buy to make money online.

John Chow’s business model is such a simple system but it works because John is consistently posting to his blog and is always getting fresh traffic to grow his list.  It can actually be a lot harder in practice since it’s so easy to try blogging for a week and then give up.  Consistency is key.

In my experience the inconsistency of posting to this site has almost killed it.  And if it wasn’t for a few good posts that got ranked well in Google then almost nobody would be here.  It is actually surprising that you never really know what posts will get good traction so it’s important to keep writing good stuff and keep things keyword targeted as much as possible.  With enough content out there eventually something will stick and you’ll continuously get traffic without much additional work.

John gave us lots of little tips – some of which I have already implemented on my sites.

His site is proof that the concept does work and it really got me stirred up again with ambitions to start writing more content and get my business model ironed out a bit more.

Here it is.

I’ve put together an email mini-course that steps through the process of making money online with internet marketing.

It contains information about doing market research, testing, creating you own product, list building, how to become and expert in one afternoon, autoresponders, copywriting, and many more tips and techniques I’ve learned from some of the best internet marketing gurus like Ed Dale, Frank Kern and Jeff Walker.

You know, we’re probably a lot alike.  I want to live life on my terms, not be chained to a desk working to make someone else rich.  I want to be able to decide when and where I take my vacations