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One thing has become clear to me in the last month or so. I simply don’t own enough of the internet!

I’m just trying to realize the scope of the problem. Until you get to the Guru status where people buy whatever it is you have to sell making money online is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Whether you’re making money on Adwords, building out niche sites, creating products or anything else. It comes down to one of two factors required to get real success:

  1. Testing massive numbers of niches to find one that works through either exhaustive market research, or just putting stuff out there.
  2. Putting something good out there and then spending lots of time or money pushing traffic to it trying to get it to work.

Both are valid approaches, but both require a lot of work. There’s no way around it. To build a solid passive income stream you need to do lots of work up front.

So I’ve started down this road of doing massive amounts of work by launching 10 new websites last night.

But that got me thinking. Just how many do you think I’ll need to get enough traction and find a site that really rakes in the money? How many websites do you maintain?

Share your thoughts.