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Over the past year I’ve hacked together a program to help me maintain a lot of blogs without actually having to write posts for them.  The idea was to just refresh them with relevant, good quality information with zero input from me.

As a result I have built up a piece of software that reliably downloads content from a number of supported sources including youtube, and prweb, and queues it up in a database for later automatic posting.

The software is then scheduled on my computer to post one item from the database for each blog I have set up.

In addtion to simply posting the content such as a youtube video, it also has the ability of inserting additional html before the post.  That way I can add in an affiliate link or an adSense ad to each post.  The way I have it currently set up is to pick one at random from a list of potential html snippits for each site.

The software supports auto-posting to self-hosted wordpress, wordpress.com, and tumblr blogs.  With the wordpress sites it supports putting the posts into separate categories depending on the keyword your targetting.

The question I have is:  would people be interesting in purchasing such a piece of software?  What would you do if you could be hands off and maintain hundreds of blogs automatically with fresh content and videos?

The reason I ask is because even though the software works awesome for me, it would take some time and effort to clean it up and make it easy to use.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you think it’s worth pursuing further.