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I schedule all my scripts to run on a WebFaction server. That gives me excellent up time, and the ability to install my own programs and python libraries. So far they have proved to be a kick-ass web hosting service.

I needed a way to push code updates to my scripts up to the server and so I quickly put together a simple script that uses FTP to transfer the files I need uploaded.

It’s not very sophisticated and there are probably better ways to deploy code such as using mercurial, or rsync to push out updates without stepping on remote code changes. But the FTP approach will work just fine.

This script uses a hard-coded list of files that I want to always push to the server.

here it is:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import ftplib
HOST = 'ftp.server.com'
REMOTE_DIR = './bin/'
files = ('file1.py', 'file2.py')
def connect(site, dir, user=(), verbose=True):
    if verbose:
        print 'Connecting', site
    remote = ftplib.FTP(site)   
    if verbose:
        print 'Changing directory', dir
    return remote
def putfile(remote, file, verbose=True):
    if verbose: 
        print 'Uploading', file
    local = open(file, 'rb')    
    remote.storbinary('STOR ' + file, local, 1024)
    if verbose: 
        print 'Upload done.'
def disconnect(remote):
if __name__ == '__main__':
    remote = connect(HOST, REMOTE_DIR, info)
    for file in files:
        putfile(remote, file)

Today I posted a list of some of my collected links for developing Python programs. This body of links has been useful for me over the last year or two as a resource for keeping all my python development information stored and categorized in one place.  It’s also been great for sharing with some friends interested in getting started with Python.

The page is outside of my blog and you’ll find it at: Python Tips, Tricks, Tools and Resources.

the categories include:

I hope you find it to be a useful page and consider checking out some of the links or sharing it with your friends that are trying to learn Python.