The Beautiful Game

World Cup BallIt would seem that the boys and girls at Mozilla are just as enthralled with the world cup as the rest of us. They’ve taken the care (with help from joga) of putting together a slick little extension for Firefox which will not only spiff up your Firefox with a nice World Cup Skin but also make use of tabbed browsing to make sure you never miss another update on the World Cup Action. Of course all this glory doesn’t stop with up to date notification of the most recent goals on the latest soccer matches; you can also take a peek at the videos of the best goals, and interface with other fanatics hooligans fans.
A very slick little extension arriving just in time when soccer addiction is reaching dangerous levels.
This is very handy for those stuck in the office without access to a TV or those who want to know as soon as possible if they have to re-mortgage their house to pay off their bookie.
Check out this slick little Firefox extension by clicking here