The Key in Keyword Research

keyThe day six task for the Thirty Day Challenge was to gather some numbers to find an “umbrella phrase” within each niche. We had already gathered search numbers using wordtracker to estimate the number of people making a given search. The next step is to take some of those search terms and look to see how many results are returned in a Google search.

What we’re actually finding is the gems. If there is a good search term out there that a lot of people are looking for, but there’s not a lot of pages out there that are positioned to take advantage of it then there is a good chance that the pages we write and optimize for Google will show up high in the search engine, and get lots of traffic.

Google traffic is the best kind of traffic.

  • It’s targeted – people that find the site are usually looking for what you’re offering.
  • If you match on a good keyword the chances of getting a huge conversion is good
    • Just imagine if you were top of the ranking for “buy diet pills online” People searching for that already have their wallets out.

The fundamental key to finding a good niche is to find a search term that is searched at least 80 to 100 times a day but has less than about 25 000 pages to compete against in Google search results.  Additionally, a good niche is probably one where people are looking to buy something.  This is incredibly basic stuff, but having is organized for easy comparison makes it powerful.

Of my seven ideas that I posted about the other day I’ve already noticed that 2 or 3 of them have some real potential.  Using the keyword search tool I was able to find a sub niche that is light on competition but high on searches.  I’m hoping that that will translate in to a winning venture.

This is a much better approach than my last attempt to start a muse based on the ideas in the book “4 hour workweek”