The next Media.. Already?

Maxell Holographic Disc Player
DVD Recorder World reports that Maxell plans to make the first Holographic Storage discs commerically available sometime in late 2006. The “Next generation” storage medias of HD-DVD and BLU-RAY each pale in comparison to the current 300GB capacity of the Holographic disc.

Using technology borrowed from the pages of Star Trek (Technology referred to as obsolete in ST:TNG) the Holographic disc employs a pair of lasers: an intersecting signal laser and a reference laser. These laser beams store data in a number of 3D holographic images, each capable of saving hundreds of data pages in a single location. This use of a 3D surface essentially creates several discs on the surface of one disc and hence provides the holographic discs with such massive storage capacities.

While the holographic disc is believed to have a theoretical yet achievable maximum capacity of 1600GB or 1.6 Terabytes, it’s first commerical form will boast a 300GB capacity with a data transfer rate of 20MBps.

While Not a spectacular speed, for a 13 cm disc, that’s a lot of stuff. Optimal for those midnight system backups.

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