The Struggle For More Time

Finding time to live, to succeed, to love, to eat, to play, to work, to read, to escape is a perpetual set of trade offs we all have to make every day of our lives.  Finding a balance between all the things we need to do and the things we want to do is not simply about deciding yes or no to a list of things.

We all have to deal with human psycological falicies that affect our decision making.  Turning down a bowl of ice cream is much more difficult than a bowl of brocolli.  This subconsciously plays into all of our momentary decisions.

At every moment of the day we have the opportunity to make an infinite set of choices for how we spend the next moment. I could continue to write the next sentence in this blog post or stand up, go to the airport, buy a one-way ticket and move to Thailand.

The choices truly are endless and yet most of us find a pattern and stick to it.  Work 9-5, eat 3 meals a day, watch TV and go to bed.  How uninspiring.

Everything with time requires a trade-off.  Most of us trade the productive hours of the day for money instead of being with our families, we trade progress on our goals for watching re-runs on TV.

Breaking out of these habitual patterns is hard.  It requires mental effort to make decisions about how to direct your life.  The people who do it are often so far ahead with their accomplishments that they truly stand out.

Of course we will never get more time.  We must do what we can with the time that is given to us.