According to the marketing message on tynt.com there is a small but significant number of times that people simply copy and paste content from you website to email it to someone.  Getting attribution for this content and a link back to the source is what Tynt accomplishes.  With a small snippet of HTML and javascript they inject a footer including a link anytime someone copies text from your site.  It’s a simple but interesting idea that takes just a few minutes to implement but depending on the amount of traffic you get could be significant.

With the additional backlink possible from people who simply copy/paste into a their own blog post it’s possible to get some SEO benefits from it.  And for the people that just copy and paste into their notes or send an email it gives a reference back which may result in some return visitors.

I’m currently testing it out on this site.

If you copy some text and paste it somewhere you’ll see the additional text is automatically included in what gets copied that sends people back to the page it was copied from.