UFO Invader Major Update Coming

Since launching UFO Invader in early August I have been hard at work with a MAJOR update to the game which will add in all the features that I never had time to implement for the first release.

This is totally changing the game.

I have added a store and a currency system to the game with a couple of novel ideas that I think will be interesting to gauge the response on. Users will be able to upgrade their ship, with various weapons, power ups and just like the old arcade games there will be a pay to continue option.

One thing that I have been interested in trying to tackle is adding features that give the game more replay value. Some of the things that will be implemented are:

  • different gameplay modes
  • progressively get harder to make beating your personal score more of a challenge
  • prominently displaying friend’s and global top scores for incentive
  • new levels, graphics, power ups and upgrades to change gameplay options and add variability
There was a very long list of things on the TODO list to get this done.  A lot of effort was put into getting the iPad version working which was actually a lot more time consuming than expected.  A result of doing the iPad version is that the entire menu system was overhauled with new graphics. It looks 10x better.
I’m excited to get this out there.  It should be in the store sometime  in the first week of September.