Vonage Vs 911

VOIP“Operator, get me the number for 911!” Screams Homer Simpson during an episode of the popular Cartoon The Simpsons. Sadly, if you’re a Vonage customer, the operator may not be able to connect you to 911. ABC news reports that the world’s largest VOIP provider has failed to meet requirements to provide the essential 911 service to all of its customers.

However Vonage is not alone in this service shortfall. Other VOIP providers including powerhouses such as AT&T had been given 120 days to correct this incredible service shortfall. Many of the providers originally warned, failed to meet the deadline.

Unfortunately for Vonage, after blossoming into the new telecommunications field of VOIP, it would seem they are about to be barred from signing up new customers in many of their key markets until they resolve this problem.

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