Warp Engines in Development

The US government is investing the possibility of a hyperspace engine that could make a trip to Mars just a short 3 hour flight and an interstellar trip of 11 light years in only 80 days.

The engine is based on a controversial scientific paper written in the 1950’s by Burkhard Heim, who theorized that an intense magnetic field could produce a gravitational field which could propel a space craft faster than light. In effect the gravitational warping would create a space where the speed of light is actually faster, allowing the ship to also travel faster.

more details on Scotsman.com

The American Department of Energy have a device known as the Z machine which could generate enough of a magnetic field to test this theory and see if it warrants further investigation.

Will you be hoping on the Enterprise B sometime in the near future. Probably not. If the theory holds up it would rewrite some of the physics rules and require some serious time to rework our understanding of the universe. The benefits of such a propulsion system are innumerable though.