Whack A Turkey

Late last week my latest game “Whack A Turkey” made it into the App Store.  It’s a really simple game that took just one weekend start to finish to write and do all the graphics for.  I also managed to pull Michael Snow in for a music loop to give it a unique and humorous soundtrack.

The game is just a seasonal take on the whack a mole genre and managing to get it out just in time for the American Thanksgiving was pretty interesting.

Initial downloads were pretty shocking and the reviews were surprisingly good for such a simple game.

Whack a turkey was really just to help me learn how to use Inkscape.  which is what I used to create all the graphics in the game.  I have to say that I was pretty impressed with how easy it is to create interesting vector graphics with the program.  I’ll be continuing to practice with inkscape so look for more games in the future with even more polished animations.

It was a bit of fun to develop Whack a Turkey and it’s currently free, but I may try to change the price in order to help pay for the music assets.