Worldwide (asia Excluded) Launch

Xbox 360The Xbox 360 will soon have launched on every continent in the world. The “worldwide launch” of the console will soon be completed, as long as you consider Asia to be Japan.

The Xbox 360 launches thus far have made famous the term “supply shortage” and have generated an economy of profiteering all their own on eBay where a supreme bundle xbox 360 recently sold for more than 11,000$ US.

With all the customer frustration being generated and the fact that Microsoft seems to be largely oblivious to the fact that more than 60 percent of the people on Earth live in Asia, it will be interesting to see how many decide to wait for the Nintendo “Revolution” and Sony Playstation 3 and avoid this Chaos.

Of course, Don’t worry Asia, you’ll soon be getting the Xbox 360. Mr. Gates and company have decided March will be your launch Date. Ironic isn’t it? The people who are building the console will effectively be the last to get it. Well done Microsoft. Treating gamers as if they’ve bought Windows – serving up crashes, and setting the stage for benevolent competition to come in and exploit these facts.

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